A.C.E. English

A.C.E. English PACEs focus on developing writing skills including word usage, grammar and sentence structure. Students use these skills to plan, outline and compose texts of various types. English PACEs are sequential through to Year 10/11; after this, students may choose what level they wish to study. The following table is a guide. Contact us for more detailed assistance.

Samples of English PACEs

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Lower Primary English
Middle Primary English
Upper Primary English
Lower Secondary English
Secondary English
Upper Secondary English

From a Year 12 Graduation Speech…

I have been home schooled from the very beginning using A.C.E, for which I am very thankful. This taught me to be self-motivated, set and accomplish goals, understand written instructions, and many other things. My favourite subject would have to be English, not only because it was an interesting subject, but also because of the biographical sentences about the lives of famous Christians that were interwoven into the PACE text. The WISDOM pages were a blessing also. They showed me how a Christian should talk and discuss Biblical topics, and I also gleaned many things from the topics discussed. – Hannah, NSW Back to top of page

Distinctions and High Distinctions in Essay Writing

Alex is studying a Liberal Arts degree at Campion College Sydney. He completed the Year 12 English PACEs up to 1144. At College, he has been writing essays, discourses and arguments (using the Platonic and Aristotelian method) and achieving Distinctions and High Distinctions on average. He is sure that the emphasis on grammar, logical construction of paragraphs and outlining methods have really helped him achieve these grades. He is competing against high achievers who have written essays for years so, initially, he was concerned about how he would compare. In fact, many of the Lecturers (all of whom have Masters and/or PhD degrees) have commented on his mastery of Grammar and History- both of which he studied through A.C.E. – Toni, NSW Back to top of page

A.C.E. English excellent preparation for essay writing

I finished A.C.E. only to year 11, but English to year 12 (1121). I believe A.C.E. English gave me a great foundation for a smooth transition into tertiary study. I was accepted into Laidlaw College as a 20-yr old, and took three papers part-time over two years while working to pay for my study. This was with the intent to eventually apply for the full-time Counseling degree programme. The first paper I took was recommended to me by the head of the Counseling school as a good way to assess whether Counseling was the right thing for me. What I didn’t realize was the paper was a 2nd/3rd yr level paper. It being my first step into tertiary study, I found it very daunting at first; there was a very high standard of essay writing required to pass the paper. However, my A.C.E. training saw me through and I coped fine and actually passed with a high average. The same was true of the next two papers I took. All three papers were without exams and graded entirely on the ability to write a good essay. The grading criteria includes, “ability to construct a logical, well-argued point backed by proper research, depth of treatment, research skills, flow and clarity of essay, grammar and style.” Most of these things are grounded on being able to write proper sentences and paragraphs, and that is where I believe the strength of the A.C.E. English lies. The focus on correct sentence and paragraph structure gave me the best preparation for writing academic papers. A.C.E. also covered learning how to write a Bibliography, which is an important skill for tertiary study. – Tessa (student), New Zealand Back to top of page