Accelerate Christian Home Schooling

is a Homeschool Service Provider. That is what we are, and that is what we do.

We empower homeschooling families to do the best they can with the best resources available.
As well as discounted access to A.C.E./SCEE resources, we have developed and continue to develop our own exclusive resources for parents and students.

Our Services

Friendly, helpful guidance from the home schooling support team 

Our team is here to help and has access to valuable, practical information that will assist you and your child to complete their schooling with confidence. 

Initial and on-going training

All you need to know to get started, plus on-going training through personal contact, videos, Hints & Tips, test scoring feedback service and web page resources.

Support with student progress

We can help you with ideas for allowing your child to reach their potential.

Scoring Guidance

We can review your test scoring for you on request, and provide feedback and tips.

Diagnostic testing and prescription

We analyze diagnostic tests to work out where to place your student in the A.C.E. learning sequence.

Help with state registration process if required

Stage-by-stage generic documemtation or detailed individual pathways as requied by your state. Find out more.

Discount on A.C.E. Resources

Members receive the best possible price on all products available from SCEE.

Help for students with dyslexia and dysgraphia

The Barton Reading and Spelling System is a proven  multisensory programme that improves reading, writing and spelling. We also provide ideas and resources for proper letter formation. Find out more.

Record keeping and Semester reports

We keep track of student progress and give feedback where needed. Each semester we send a report summary with totals and averages.

Senior subject and higher education pathways advice

We can help find the best subject choices for the student to graduate and progress to the next level.

Provide a range of recognised Certificate Pathways

The Southern Cross Educational Enterprises, Certificate Team registers and approves each child's Certificate Pathway.  We offer Year 10, Senior Secondary, and Certificate of Achievement.  Our Senior Certificates are recognised by Tertiary Educational Institutions.  We provide guidance on the best Certificate Pathway to allow the child to pursue their dreams.

Celebration and Awards events

Held each year in various regions, combining formal graduations with other award presentations. A great time of fellowship and celebration!

Experienced help in Student Convention preparation

Student Convention is held each year in various regions (non-compulsory). It is a week that is the highlight for many families! Find out more.

Discounted subscription to Mathletics

Enhance learning and "tick the registration boxes" with Australian outcomes-based online resources. 

Website updates and news

We send you regular newsletters by email to keep you up to date. We also keep our website maintained with information and resources.

Our Exclusive Resources

Exclusive Parent Training

Training to ensure that Accelerate Christian Home Schooling families can get the best for their children, with ideas that you will not find in any other training package; includes workbooks and video presentations.

Assessment Manual

We teach you about how assessment is done in the A.C.E. resources, and train you in how to score tests professionally and equitably.

Programming Ideas

Ideas and examples to make your registration programming meaningful and painless. We also provide templates and instructions on a state-by-state basis, plus offer to review your programs.

Science Projects

Simple lessons on scientific investigation, plus ideas for projects. NSW syllabus or Australian Curriculum matched. Includes marking rubrics for assessment.

Video Lessons

Home-grown video lessons on a variety of Maths topics and English Grammar.

Marking Rubrics

Marking tips for marking essays and art, plus rubrics (marking guides) to take the guesswork out scoring subjective work.

Certificate Pathways Guide

Everything you need to know about aiming for SCEE/A.C.E. certificates. Includes downloads and links.

Complete Geometry Handbook

Handy single-volume companion to the A.C.E. Geometry course. Keeps "Geometry Handbook" notes in one place for easy reference.

Website Member Area

Our website allows Members to access Hints & Tips, external resources, download, notes and information about specific subjects, content summaries, parent training, and online forms.

Our Guarantee

We are committed to delivering on all we promise. Our word is our guarantee, and we guarantee the following:


We promise to communicate with you professionally and personally. Where possible, we will contact you personally by phone or email. If you request a call or email, we will always attempt to contact you. We promise to keep our communications up to date on our website and through our regular newsletters.


We promise to provide thorough initial and on-going training. We are constantly updating our training material and videos, and we provide updates through our website and monthly newsletters. If you have any questions, including questions about issues already covered in our training, we are always available to explain matters to you. No question is too large or small.


From the beginning, we will work with you to provide the best pathway for your child to reach their potential. We begin with a thorough diagnostic test to determine levels and gaps in literacy and numeracy. We provide a suggested prescription for your child, but consult with you before ordering any material, to make sure that you agree we have taken everything into consideration.


We promise to assist you with anything you find daunting, from ordering material to scoring tests. We provide written and video material to assist you, but will spend time explaining procedures to you in person (phone or email), if that is what you need. We will even review your efforts and give you feedback if you ask us for help.


We promise to provide you with explanations, ideas and documentation to help you register with your Australian state or New Zealand government. If requested, we will review your draft and provide constructive feedback.


We promise that our service alone provides you with the best prices for all resources purchased from the supplier.


We promise to assist you if you believe your child displays signs of dyslexia and/or dysgraphia. We are able to offer practical advice to parents to help children learn effectively. Upon request, subject to our terms and conditions, we also lend proven multi-sensory resources that improve reading, writing and spelling.


We record all results sent to us by parents, and we promise to provide prompt end of semester records of results.


We promise to help you and your secondary child choose a suitable pathway to equip them for the workforce or higher learning. Our online information explains the options, and upon request we will work with you and your child to make the best selection for their goals.


We promise to help you and your child should they encounter any difficulties in their studies. We have resources that we can direct you to that may be of assistance. We offer discounted subscription to Mathletics. 


We promise to celebrate graduations at Year 10 and Year 12 levels for all qualifying students. Although not every student can get to our graduation celebrations because of distance, we will honour graduates at our ceremonies and provide live participation via media link.
Other awards for non-graduates are also available if requested.


We will continue to expand our resources to help families enhance learning.

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