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A.C.E. resources combine mastery learning with Bible worldview teaching. Learning occurs through workbooks called PACEs ("Packets of Accelerated Christian Education"), covering content from pre-primary to the end of secondary.

Each level comprises 12 PACEs in each subject, each PACE undergoing both formative (ongoing, progressive) and summative (final) assessments. This means that every subject has rigorous assessment throughout, while at the same time providing encouragement, practice, review, and a steady input of character development.

PACEs are numbered from 1001 to 1144 (1 to 144), representing a progression from level 1 to 12. Southern Cross Educational Enterprises (SCEE), the distributors of A.C.E. in the South Pacific, have adapted the A.C.E. resources to suit local educational frameworks. The following table shows how A.C.E. and SCEE resources may be used to take a student from early primary up to a SCEE/A.C.E. Year 12 Certificate.

A.C.E. Certificates (Click for more)

SCEE/A.C.E. Certificates

Southern Cross Educational Enterprises (SCEE) provides A.C.E. graduation certificates for students who complete set requirements.

  • SCEE provides Year 10 and Senior Secondary Regional certificates for Australia and most countries in the South Pacific.
  • SCEE provides Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 New Zealand certificates.

Year 10 and Senior Secondary Certificates – General and Academic

There is only one Year 10 Certificate, but there is a choice of three Senior Secondary Certificates.

The Senior Secondary Certificate is designed to allow the student to pursue an exit statement which outlines the depth and breadth of their studies. Unlike the Year 10, the Senior Secondary Certificate has a large degree of flexibility to ensure that students can structure their learning according to their future career aspirations. The Senior Secondary Certificate begins with the standard requirements, however, students can pursue an Academic Endorsement or NZ Level 3 Endorsement, which ensures that the student has met additional requirements to help prepare themselves for future tertiary studies. By completing courses recognised as Academic Rigour (AR) or Level 3 courses, the student is exposed to a higher level of expectation.

Although historically students have been able to enter university with a General Certificate, SCEE recommends an Academic Certificate as the best evidence of academic rigour.

Both the General and Academic Senior Secondary Certificates require the same number of completed subjects, but the Academic Certificate requires subjects of a higher academic standard.

Can A.C.E. help students to get where they want to go? There is a myth that you need a school certificate to succeed in life. This is not the experience of students who use it today. Read what some students and parents have to say about A.C.E!

Testimonials about A.C.E.

Here are some authentic comments from parents and students, about A.C.E. and how it can prepare children for life, educationally, personally and spiritually...

The Word is the very foundation

I taught in Christian schools for nearly 10years and I'm very grateful for this Bible based curriculum to use. It's excellent. It doesn't just have the Bible added to it like Christian Schooling does, the Word is the very foundation of this educational curriculum.

Tyffany, Qld, 2021

You should see the smile on Joe's face...

Hi guys, having the best morning learning about fractions. So much fun and I never thought of math as fun.

Math for me at school was torture and many tears flowed at home and at school along with old school humiliation teaching techniques. I am learning too, hooray.

You should see the smile on Joe’s face. It is great for his self esteem as it has taken such a beating over the years in mainstream school.

We are having fun with math and learning together. I am loving this. Thank you.

 Kyleigh, NSW 2020

"Mum, did you know..."

We would like to thank you though for offering such a wonderful home school option. Jemma worked at her own pace doing her year 10 work and very frequently I heard her call out "Mum, did you know …”
We also worked together on science and history. Sometimes she read to me, sometimes I read to her. We frequently stopped and talked about the content and we LOVED learning the christian history of our country. I think history took the longest to complete because we stopped so often to talk about it!!!!
...Thank you for removing the obstacles that school provided that made learning such a nightmare in the past.
We LOVE Accelerate!

 Laurel, NSW 2018

So thankful for the input of A.C.E.

"An update - Hamish will be starting a Bachelor of Political Science and International relations at UC in Aug.  He got an early offer and his ATAR worked out to be about 90-92. Madison remains on the Dean’s Honours list in Architecture at UC.  Caitlin passed her first semester of small business management at CIT – the only options for marks are competent or not yet competent.  Also her employer is putting her into the 4th year of her apprenticeship 6 months early due do her diligence in finishing tech early.  All in all the background they have received from having the Bible applied to their lives in a practical way through their schooling has given them more opportunities to serve the Lord!  I am so thankful for the input of A.C.E. in our children’s lives."

Shelley, ACT

Doing extra... for fun!

The children are enjoying A.C.E. very much so far, particularly Samuel, who is doing extra work every day 'for fun'!

Gloria is also churning through the PACE work at great speed!

We are all feeling blessed by the Scriptures and Christian content”

Emma, Qld, Oct 2017

From a Year 12 Graduation Speech...

I have been home schooled from the very beginning using A.C.E, for which I am very thankful. This taught me to be self-motivated, set and accomplish goals, understand written instructions, and many other things.

My favourite subject would have to be English, not only because it was an interesting subject, but also because of the biographical sentences about the lives of famous Christians that were interwoven into the PACE text. The WISDOM pages were a blessing also. They showed me how a Christian should talk and discuss Biblical topics, and I also gleaned many things from the topics discussed.

Probably the best thing about a Christian education is that you can never get away from hearing about God. You are learning Scripture, reading Scripture, learning character from comics, and even in Maths you are reading quotes or verses. My mind was constantly turned back to God and I was challenged to live my life for Him.

Hannah, NSW

A.C.E's biggest fan!

Paul, the [Board of Studies] assessor, was very positive towards A.C.E., and expressed the BoS desire to work with A.C.E. to develop a curriculum that satisfies the A.C.E. philosophy and meets the BoS guidelines.  He said that he has been impressed by those he has spoken with from A.C.E. and is confident that the A.C.E. curriculum will be seen as a highly credible learning tool, as it is already gaining much popularity in Australia.

…  He was highly impressed by the Australian PACEs [that I showed him]. And, he gave me two years registration!!!

A big thank you for all the wonderful aspects of A.C.E...I'm sure that I am your biggest fan!!!

Sandra, NSW

From Year 10 to University

... just to give you an update on where Antoinette is...

You may recall, when Antoinette attended the ceremony in Cooma (for her Year 10), she had just started studying subjects through Open universities Australia (at age 15). She started with an individual science unit, and this last year completed ¾ of her first year of the Bachelor of Applied Science degree. The degree program is through RMIT, however, a number of the subjects have also been through Murdoch University. She studied a mixture of chemistry, maths, biological sciences and scientific skills and communication. I think that part of the reason she excelled in the study was due to the wonderful foundation she had with A.C.E.

As her pet love is horses she knew that she wanted to study something related to Equine science. So, she applied herself and applied through UAC to study the Bachelor of Equine Science at Charles Sturt University. She was accepted into the course, and having just turned 17, she is off to Wagga Wagga for the next three years.

I truly believe that A.C.E. gives students such a wonderful foundation, not only in the content, but also the learning tools for students to apply to whatever area they wish to specialise in.

Dominica, NSW

Distinctions and High Distinctions in Essay Writing

Alex is studying a Liberal Arts degree at Campion College Sydney. He completed the Year 12 English PACEs up to 1144. At College, he has been writing essays, discourses and arguments (using the Platonic and Aristotelian method) and achieving Distinctions and High Distinctions on average.

He is sure that the emphasis on grammar, logical construction of paragraphs and outlining methods have really helped him achieve these grades. He is competing against high achievers who have written essays for years so, initially, he was concerned about how he would compare. In fact, many of the Lecturers (all of whom have Masters and/or PhD degrees) have commented on his mastery of Grammar and History- both of which he studied through the A.C.E. resources.

Toni, NSW

ACE English excellent preparation for essay writing

I finished A.C.E. only to year 11, but English to year 12 (1121). I believe A.C.E. English gave me a great foundation for a smooth transition into tertiary study.

I was accepted into Laidlaw College as a 20-yr old, and took three papers part-time over two years while working to pay for my study. This was with the intent to eventually apply for the full-time Counseling degree programme. The first paper I took was recommended to me by the head of the Counseling school as a good way to assess whether Counseling was the right thing for me. What I didn't realize was the paper was a 2nd/3rd yr level paper. It being my first step into tertiary study, I found it very daunting at first; there was a very high standard of essay writing required to pass the paper. However, my A.C.E. training saw me through and I coped fine and actually passed with a high average.

The same was true of the next two papers I took. All three papers were without exams and graded entirely on the ability to write a good essay. The grading criteria includes, "ability to construct a logical, well-argued point backed by proper research, depth of treatment, research skills, flow and clarity of essay, grammar and style." Most of these things are grounded on being able to write proper sentences and paragraphs, and that is where I believe the strength of the A.C.E. English lies. The focus on correct sentence and paragraph structure gave me the best preparation for writing academic papers. A.C.E. also covered learning how to write a Bibliography, which is an important skill for tertiary study.

Tessa McGeorge, New Zealand


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