Accelerate Christian Home Schooling

Accelerate Christian Home Schooling is the homeschool support ministry of Accelerate Educational Ministries. We provide general and academic support for homeschooling families using A.C.E. resources throughout Australia and Oceania.

Academic help, registration help, semester reports and parent training are among the services provided by the staff at Accelerate Christian Home Schooling. See a more comprehensive list under the Services menu,

Southern Cross Educational Enterprises (SCEE) is the distribution arm of Accelerate Educational Ministries, providing biblical worldview resources to even the most remote areas of the South Pacific.

SCEE operates the webstore, processes orders, and handles all accounting. SCEE also runs the Student Conventions.

When you receive an invoice, whether for resource orders or for Accelerate Christian Home Schooling fees, these are technically from SCEE, and that name will appear on the invoice.

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