Our Ministry to Homeschool Families

"A Biblically based ministry equipping people to fulfil their God-ordained role in life."

Within Accelerate Educational Ministries, Accelerate Christian Home Schooling supports homeschooling families in fulfilling their God-ordained role in life by training and support in the use of Biblical A.C.E. resources;

Our staff all have experience with the resources and with homeschooling, and share a deep commitment to empower parents in the training up of their children. We care about the struggles that families face in a hostile world, in which Godly values are despised by hostile governments, educational institutions and media.

Our desire is to build a community of like-minded families, through regular communication and interaction. From newsletters to live events and online social opportunities, we encourage parents to hear and speak the word of God from one to one another.

Accelerate Educational Ministries

Accelerate Educational Ministries (AEM) operates Accelerate Christian Home Schooling as its homeschool support service.

Southern Cross Educational Enterprises (SCEE) is the distribution arm of Accelerate Educational Ministries, providing biblical worldview resources to even the most remote areas of the South Pacific.

SCEE operates the webstore, processes orders, and handles all accounting. SCEE also runs the Student Conventions.

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