Terms and Conditions

These points must be agreed to when enrolling with us.

1. I agree to read any emails and monthly newsletters sent by Accelerate Christian Home Schooling.

Newsletters and emails are our main way of communicating with member families. They contain information essential to making the most of our services. They also contain information regarding any changes to our services or fees. We suggest that you add our domain name accelerate.edu.au to your safe senders list so they do not accidently get sent to your spam folder.   When we need to contact individual families we usually do so via phone call or email.

2. I agree to notify Accelerate Christian Home Schooling immediately if there are any changes to my details (for example, address phone number, or email address) or circumstances (for example, I have sent my children to school).

We can only act on the information as we receive it. If you change your address or phone number, please ensure you email us at info@accelerate.edu.au, even if you have notified the Orders or Accounts department.

3. I agree to complete the Parent Training promptly, and will apply all procedures recommended in the training.

Home school families are able to use the resources that they purchase as they see fit, however to make the most of the resources and to enable your children to attain graduation certificates, we require you to complete the parent training. You are able to contact Accelerate Christian Home Schooling between 9.30am and 3.30pm Monday to Friday for further support)

4. I agree that my membership with Accelerate Christian Home Schooling is a twelve month commitment beginning from the date of enrolment.

Regardless of my use of the services provided I will still be liable to fulfill my obligation to one year’s paid membership. For the services provided, our fees are extremely good value.

5. I agree that my membership will automatically be renewed 1 month prior to the end of my subscription unless I request a termination of my membership. Termination of membership must be received in writing at least 1 month prior to the renewal date.

Termination of membership must be in writing and may be by registered letter or email.

6. I agree that joining fees and up-front fees that appear on the quote are non-refundable. Diagnostic Tests and Parent Training kits are refundable according to SCEE's returns policy.

Please see https://accelerate.edu.au/Docs/Return_Policy.pdf for the SCEE returns policy.

7. I understand that the services provided are subject to guarantee as detailed on our website: https://accelerate.edu.au/our-services/#guarantee

We stand by our promises. See our guarantee and other information about our services.

8. I agree to act honestly and with integrity by respecting all copyright ownership held by Accelerate Educational Ministries/A.C.E and Accelerate Christian Home Schooling, including but not limited to copying or on-selling PACEs and other resources, sharing passwords, or sharing my customer code with others.

Copying resources is a crime, and cheats the authors and owners of their fair payment. Membership access to websites, discounted resources and other services pays those who produce and maintain resources.

9. I understand that Accelerate Christian Home Schooling does not support the use of second-hand or used PACEs or PACE Tests, and that test results from second-hand PACE tests may not be used for Semester Reports or Graduation Certificates.

In certain circumstances, the use of photocopied or scanned tests may be permitted, but only after approval from Accelerate Christian Home Schooling.

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