Terms and Conditions

These seven points must be agreed to when enrolling with us.

1. I will read any emails and monthly newsletters sent by Accelerate Christian Home Schooling.

Newsletters are our main way of communicating proactively with families. We spend many hours speaking with anyone who would like a phone call, and in person whenever possible. We cannot however contact all of our families on a regular basis: we are only a few staff members, not a funded school. When we need to contact individual families we usually do so by email, although we often try to phone first.

2. I will notify Accelerate Christian Home Schooling immediately if there are any changes to my details (for example, address phone number, or email address) or circumstances (for example, I have sent my children to school).

We can only act on the information as we receive it. If you change your address or phone number, please let us know, even if you have notified the Orders or Accounts department. If you want to discontinue with our service, it is a simple matter of courtesy to let us know. We do a lot of work behind the scenes, and it would help us if we are informed of your decision.

3. I will complete any Parent Training set by Accelerate Christian Home Schooling as quickly as I am able, and make every endeavour to apply all procedures recommended in the training. I am able to contact Accelerate Christian Home Schooling at any time for clarification on any procedures.

Homeschooling families are entitled to use a resource however they wish, but we can only assume that if you join with us, you want to receive service or at least the opportunity for your children to attain a graduation certificate. In either case, we therefore require you to do our training.

4. I will pay invoices to Southern Cross Educational Enterprises as soon as possible after I receive the invoice; if I am unable to pay immediately, I will contact Southern Cross Educational Enterprises to make arrangements.

For the service we provide, we believe our fees are very reasonable. We are always ready to listen if you have difficulties with paying fees, but we need people to communicate with us.

5. Fees for Accelerate Christian Home Schooling are set from January to December, pro rata from the date of enrolment. If I enter into an arrangement with Southern Cross Educational Enterprises to pay by month or other period, I can only be refunded or excused payment for future whole months remaining in the year if I withdraw my family.

The cost in time and effort in withdrawing families is not inconsiderable. We can only operate in set time periods.

6. Joining fees and up-front fees that appear on the quote are non-refundable. Diagnostic Tests and Parent Training kits are refundable according to SCEE's returns policy.

Once you enrol, we do a considerable amount of work in starting you up, even if you don't see it. This is why we require up-front payments.

7. Withdrawal from Accelerate Christian Home Schooling must be in writing or by email notification. Fees will apply if no written notice of withdrawal is given.

We continue to do work on your behalf, including attempts at communication. Telling us that you sent your child back to school some months earlier is a source of frustration for us. It is a simple courtesy to tell us so that we can withdraw you from our books.

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