An Experienced Team

Accelerate Christian Home Schooling is the homeschool support ministry of Southern Cross Educational Enterprises. We provide general and academic support for homeschooling families using A.C.E. resources throughout Australia and Oceania.

Every staff member of the team has years of experience with homeschooling and the A.C.E. resources: as educators, parents and students. We know what it's like to begin the exciting homeschool journey, and the challenges that have faced families through decades of legislation, societal acceptance or scepticism, and well-meaning family and friends. Talk to us about your family!

Mr Greg Simon

Mr Greg Simon

Head of Home School Services

Greg has taught Science and Maths since 1980 in state and private schools, in NSW and Victoria. He has also taught in and been principal of a school using A.C.E, and been Head Teacher in a Distance Education school using A.C.E resources. He has privately tutored Math students for many years in 3 states.

Greg and his wife, April, started their homeschool support business in 2009, and Greg now heads Accelerate Christian Home Schooling. Greg loves tutoring students in Maths, Science and English, and has a passion for empowering homeschooling families to fulfill their God-given role of teaching their children.

Greg writes articles on parenting and homeschooling, and  produces educational resources, training material and for students, parents and staff.

Mrs April Simon

Mrs April Simon

Home School Consultant

April homechooled four children, beginning in the late 80s, until their youngest graduated in 2011. She completed her teaching diploma in 2008. April likes to encourage any parent to homeschool and has “been there and done that”.  To her, homeschooling is an extension of the parenting role, and so much of it can be done in a simple "no nonsense" manner.

Along with Greg, April has a passion for building the homeschool services, to support as many families as possible. April believes the best academic start you can give to children is with the A.C.E. Early Learning programmes, but even if you start later, children can continue learning at their own pace, safe in their own environment at home.

Mrs Rochelle McGuire

Mrs Rochelle McGuire

Admin Support

Rochelle is married and homeschooled her two sons for a few years, and worked as a monitor in a school using A.C.E.

Rochelle is a qualified youth worker and teacher aide and has always been very active in children's ministries of all kinds.

Rochelle's passion is to help all young people achieve their full potential and to support parents in their most important God-given role.

Mrs Eisha Kau

Mrs Eisha Kau

Admin Support

Eisha lives in and works with families in Fiji. Eisha’s journey with A.C.E began at age 11, when she started homeschooling and later attended a school using A.C.E.

Eisha has a BA in Literature/Language and Expressive Arts, and has worked as a monitor/supervisor in a school using A.C.E for 10 years, before becoming a stay-at-home mum.

Having personally experienced the positive impacts of a Biblically-based curriculum and homeschooling, Eisha would encourage and support any family who desires to begin their homeschool journey.  

Eisha is married and has a young daughter whom she is homeschooling.

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