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It's one of the big questions - can my child get into university if they are home schooled with A.C.E.? The short answer is 'Yes' - thousands of A.C.E. students (many of them home schooled) have successfully entered the university course of their choice over the years, and do well. In fact, often they end up helping other students, tutoring, proof reading, goal setting etc. However, it's not always an easy process. Some universities don't provide a lot of assistance or information for alternative education methods, some will even reject at the first enquiry - but you just need to press a little harder or ask the right people.

Across our region, there are a number of bodies that help our students gain entrance to Universities, so we have compiled a list for you. Please note that we do not take responsibility for content on their sites, nor do we necessarily agree with everything on them. These are simply resources that may aid your students in gaining University entrance, and it is your choice to register with them or participate. They should be used for the state or country that the University you want to attend is in, not the state or country that you reside in.

University bodies


Unfortunately, each university in Australia is independent, and the entry requirements can be different, even for a similar qualification.

There are a few resources that may be useful across Australia, but in most cases, the individual university needs to be contacted. In some cases, there will need to be some pushing towards a 'non-standard' entry, as some admissions officers only understand the normal pathway. In saying that, we have had home school students in universities across Australia successfully.

Some universities will require a STAT test ( or may accept a SAT test (The SAT – SAT Suite | College Board) (which can be converted to an ATAR), but this needs to be confirmed by the university.

Alphacrusis College University does accept A.C.E. graduates, but parents and students should inquire into the prerequisites for all tertiary courses prior to applying for admission and plan their certificate pathway accordingly. This includes enquiring into the admissions process. Contact us for more information.

Head Start Programs are available at most universities in Australia. Home-school and Accelerated Christian Education (A.C.E.) student entry requirements - Students who are registered with a school or a home-school organisation are able to study a Head Start course, normal entry requirements apply. Contact us for more information.

Open Universities Australia also can provide an alternative pathway into a desired course.
"No ATAR? No worries! You can still get into university. Our open door policy means you can get on the path to a uni qualification by starting with single subjects. Most don’t have entry requirements so you can enrol instantly."

There is also some useful information here at Home Education Network.

Here is a list state by state of the admission centers that may be able to help.

New South Wales & Australian Capital Territory -

  • If you have no formal qualifications on which to base your application to a tertiary institution, you may be eligible to be considered for entry to a course by sitting STAT. Institutions will consider your results in addition to any other information available when assessing your application.
    STAT is a series of tests designed to assess a range of competencies considered important for success in tertiary study. It assesses your ability to think critically and analyse the material given, rather than testing your knowledge of specific academic subjects. There are two versions of STAT: Multiple Choice and Written English.
    In NSW and the ACT, STAT is managed by the Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER). Dates, fees, locations and booking information for STAT test sittings in NSW/ACT can be found on the ACER STAT website. Also check whether an institution will accept STAT for the course you are considering, and which STAT versions you need to sit, by contacting the admissions office at the relevant institution.

Queensland -

  • Each institution has it's own requirements for non-standard entry, but it's all in one place here.

Victoria -

  • VTAC is the central hub for tertiary course applications in Victoria. We represent all Victorian universities, most TAFEs and some independent tertiary colleges, which means we process applications for over 1,700 different courses.
    After applications close and VTAC has received all of your results, VTAC processes and forwards your application onto the tertiary institutions you have applied to. It's at that point VTAC advises institutions as to whether you've met the prerequisite requirements, or have submitted any additional forms such as the VTAC Personal Statement or SEAS. VTAC doesn't decide who gets into a course—that's the institutions' job. We just make the process a lot easier for you and them.

Tasmania -

  • Applicants who have completed a ‘non-standard’ Senior Secondary course which does not permit calculation of an ATAR or IB, e.g. those who have undertaken senior schooling at home, or at a school which does not follow the Australian curriculum, are assessed according to completed study with results converted to a selection rank.

Western Australia -

  • Examples of non-standard schools include Perth Waldorf School, Montessori School, Big Picture schooling or homeschooling.
    Apply for admission via TISC, but also include with your application a statement giving full details of your upper secondary school studies. If further information is required TISC will contact you by email. WACE isn't required by any of the universities for applicants from non-standard schools.
  • Alternatively, have a look at these options.

Northern Territories & South Australia -

New Zealand

The AEM A.C.E. New Zealand High School Advanced Certificate Level 3 Endorsed, Senior Secondary Academic Certificate Level 3 Endorsed, and certain Endorsed Certificates of Achievements are a recognised means of
entry into all universities in New Zealand, and students receive an ad eundem statem letter - it is regarded by Universities NZ as equivalent to a state school certificate or NCEA certificate. AEM and ACHS do not guarantee admission to any NZ university for any given course as this is the prerogative of the individual university/faculty. The student will still need to check the entry requirements for their particular chosen course to make sure that they make the right subject selections etc.


Accelerated Christian Education (ACE) School Form 7 Entrants

To be eligible for admission to degree studies under clause 4.3.1(a), persons who have completed the ACE Level 3 or Year 13/Form 7 Certificate must have gained at least 4 Credits in English and 3 other subjects comprising of Literature, Maths, Science and Social Studies designated “Level 3 or Year 13.”

For more information, please contact us to liase with the Certificates team.

Papua New Guinea

The National Online Application System (also known as the NOAS) is used to apply for further studies at any nationally registered university of higher education institution within Papua New Guinea. The NOAS replaces the
paper-based School Leaver Application Forms thus allowing any Grade 12 student to apply. AEM is the NOAS registrar for all A.C.E. schools in PNG and will complete the data input for Y11 and Y12 students. Students
must have completed their Graduate Registration with AEM.

Students who wish to apply for PNG University of Technology or University of Goroka will need to sit the STAT P.

For more information, please contact us to liaise with the Certificates team.


Teachers, parents and students should inquire into the prerequisites for all tertiary courses prior to applying for admission and plan their certificate pathway accordingly. This includes enquiring into the admissions process.

Calvin Insitute of Technology (CIT) hereby grant graduates of Accelerated Educational Ministries (AEM) anywhere around the world to study at CIT, provided they meet specific entry requirements. Students who want to study at Calvin Insitute of Technology should contact us to liaise with the Certificates Team for information regarding course pre-requisites and other requirements.

Other Regions

Students from the following countries who wish to study at an international university should consider registering for the Senior Secondary Academic Certificate Level 3 Endorsed:

  • Solomon Islands
  • Vanuatu
  • Nauru
  • Cook Islands
  • Tonga

This Certificate is recognised by Universities New Zealand as being equivalent to the officially established university entrance standard within New Zealand. This letter of equivalency may assist with international
university entrance. All students who wish to gain entry to any other international university should take the SAT College Board Examination.

We would love to hear your feedback about tertiary pathways or university entrance! Please let us know your story, so that we can share it to encourage or assist other families in their journey!

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