Deadline for this Semester: Midnight, Sunday 15th December, 2019.
Results submitted after this date may not appear on this Semester’s reports.

Pencils Only!

Remember – Students should use pencil only in PACEs and PACE Tests.

Years 11 & 12 Only

Send original tests to us at least once per term.

Use PACE numbers!

Eg Maths or Algebra 1098
not Algebra I – 2

No scores  below 80%

Non-passing scores will not be recorded.

Update your SPC!

Highlight scores when you send the results!

Specify Subject Name!

Eg: World History 97,
not Social Studies 97.

Are your fees up to date?

We cannot send reports if fees are outstanding. Contact us.

Final Tests for Certificate?

Let us know by email, and apply for the certificate.

Multistrand Maths?

Name the course, not the subject. Eg:
Sen M Prep 1113, not Geometry 1113.

Time for a Pathway?

If your child nearing 1084 in any subject? Ask us for information.

Do not send paper tests…

except by arrangement or for Year 11/12 subjects.

Re-doing Tests

We will only accept the first passing score for any test.


Enter data into the field (box), then press the Tab key to go to the next field.

Take care to enter your code and results carefully.

If Subject is the same as the previous entry, just press Tab and leave it blank.

Use a separate form for each student. If there are more than twelve results for a student, submit a separate form.

Click the Submit button at the bottom of the form.

We recommend you archive your tests for one year, then dispose of them provided you have a record of the scores.