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Fees and Costs*

Membership Fees

To keep things simple, we have two levels of memberships, one for families with one child/student and one for families with 2 or more children/students.

Access to our staff means access to experienced home-schooling parents and to A.C.E. resource experts.

We offer assistance with registration in every state and territory, which contains step-by-step instructions for the application forms as well as detailed program templates.  The program template cross references each states requirements with the ACE Curriculum as well as ideas to fill in any gaps.

We supply all new families with a parent training pack which explains everything you need to know to set up a home schooling area and how to implement the ACE Curriculum, including how to mark the PACE’s.  We have a myriad of resources on our website that you can source for academic support. Support is provided to both parents and children with academic questions, however we do not provide tuition.  

All of the services mentioned in our Services page are available to all families, for one low price.

Our fee structure is based on an Annual Membership fee, which is paid in 6 monthly increments.

Our current Annual Membership fees are:

      Australian families** - $552

       Australian 2 or more families** - $852

     Overseas families** - Discounted by 48%-74% (Fees at A$400 - A$200), depending on country. Contact us for a quote.

Initial Costs - payable on enrolment

Annual Membership Fee paid in Advance in 6 monthly installments

This is a recurring fee, payable every six months (in January or July).

Admin Fee (Paid once only, at enrolment)

Australian families**: $100 flat fee. Other countries are quoted individually.

Diagnostic testing $40 per child

This includes a full academic prescription and parent phone interview after our analysis.

Parent Training $50

The parent training consists of a procedure's manual, associated workbooks and access to video training resources.

Postage and handling

$22 (within Australia); All other countries will receive their Parent Training with the first order of PACE’s.

Additional Costs

Cost of Resources

This will vary but for most families the cost will be around $600 - $800 per child per year.

Cancelling Membership

When families enroll, they pay a 6 monthly membership fee to the end of June or December (which is prorated if enrolling within the 6 months).  The Membership Fee is renewed in January and July, so for families wanting to withdraw, must inform us at least one month before the end of the 6-month period. In accordance with the SCEE refund policy, only materials (PACE's) can be returned if they are in a re-sellable condition.


*All values are in AU$ and include GST for Australia. All enquirers should first contact us for a quote. Overseas costs may vary.

** "Australian families" are those residing in Australia or Australian families residing overseas who derive an income from Australian sources. We will review each enrolment on a case by case basis.

"Overseas families" are those who reside overseas and whose citizenship is of the country in which they reside.

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