Presenter Greg Simon shares some thoughts on homeschooling and parenting issues.

Whether legal considerations or parables from COVID-19, Greg's experience as a homeschooling father, teacher and preacher shed light on many facets of homeschooling.

Is there a difference between Home Schooling, Distance Education, and Schooling at Home? Definitely, in MANY ways!

Of course! Schooling has become a great innovation… but you don’t have to go to school to do it. Our education laws make it clear that home schooling is a valid, legal right available to all families. That is the law.

Many people will take back some of the responsibilities they had outsourced. Instead of Outsourcing, they Insource. Insourcing education is a growing choice where parents can raise their very own crop of home-grown students.

We cannot help but imbue our children with a partisan or sectarian opinion, point of view, or principle. In fact, as parents, it’s our job to do so.

“I want my child to hear lots of points of view, then make up her own mind and work out what’s right and wrong for herself.” Is this indoctrination? Absolutely! The responsibility of the parent is to choose carefully which doctrines their child will be taught.

There is failure, and there is failure. Failure is important to success. Example of Thomas Edison.

Example of Babe Ruth, Michael Jordan and others including parents and students. This is your opportunity to remove your child’s “Failure” label.

"The Parable of Social Distancing" - What important lessons can we learn from this pandemic?

"The Parable of the Hand Sanitizer" - How can we sanitize to stop the spread?

"The Parable of the Compromised Immune System" - A healthy immune system makes it easier to withstand disease. How is your child's spiritual immune system?

"The Parable of the Social Lockdowns" - Social Distancing or complete Lockdown? Even since this video was made, we have seen more and more evidence that Lockdowns can devastate an economy. Does this apply to families too?

"Arrows - Part 1" - Solomon said: Like arrows in the hand of a warrior, so are the children of one's youth. (Psalm 127:4) Let's look into what he meant by this, and how homeschooling makes us fletchers.

"Arrows - Part 2" - Why are nice, sharp, deadly arrows an advantage to parents? Well, so our children can have our backs at the gate! Sort through the metaphors and fletch your arrows.

"Arrows - Part 3" - Self-governing arrows? "Where would you like to go today?" Parents, we must learn to take aim at the enemy; not let the arrows decide for themselves where or if they want to go.

"Arrows - Part 4" - What are the four main parts of an arrow? Not sure? You should be - Your children are your arrows!

Some words from homeschooling parents and students

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