A.C.E. Literature and Creative Writing

Literature PACEs are sequential through to Year 6/7 (to PACE 1072) as Literature and Creative Writing. After this, student do the secondary courses Basic Literature 7, 8, and 9 which includes 6 literature books and corresponding PACES (with the exception of Basic Literature 7*).  The PACE numbers increase by 2 as it is designed to be completed in one year.

Literature resources include biographies and classic novels, the focus being on building Christian character and challenging mainstream ideas. Activities involve analysis of the resource books and also include writing exercises. In the secondary Basic Literature series, students use paragraph outlining and writing drafts, to reinforce work done in the English PACEs.

Literature 8 and 9 are mandatory subjects for the Year 10 Certificate, however, the Year 11 and 12 Literature is incorporated into the English PACEs.

Members can source more information on how to implement the Literature and Creative Writing PACES in the Ordering Literature page.

The table on the right (click to enlarge) lists the literature resource books used in the Literature and Creative Writing, Basic Literature, and Secondary English PACEs.

* Please note that the Literature 7 PACE currently in stock, includes PACE numbers 74, 76, 78, 82, and 84.  It no longer has #80 as America has been having difficulty sourcing the accompanying book God's Smuggler.

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