A.C.E. Mathematics

Maths PACEs are sequential through to 1096; after this, students may elect a course of study. The following table is a guide. Algebra I (1097-1108) must be done for a Year 12 pathway (Year 11 or 12) if not already completed for Year 10. Contact us for more detailed assistance.

Samples of Maths PACEs

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Lower Primary Mathematics
Upper Primary Mathematics
Lower Secondary Mathematics

... having the best morning learning about fractions...

Hi guys, having the best morning learning about fractions.

So much fun and I never thought of math as fun. Math for me at school was torture and many tears flowed at home and at school along with old school humiliation teaching techniques. I am learning too, hooray.

You should see the smile on Joe’s face. It is great for his self esteem as it has taken such a beating over the years in mainstream school.

We are having fun with math and learning together. I am loving this. Thank you.

Kyleigh - NSW, 2020

Business Math - Very practical in everyday life!

As our daughter was approaching year 10, we felt that It would be better for her to do Business Math in year 10 and then Algebra 1 in years 11 & 12.

This has been a great decision! Our daughter plans to go into the music field for her career, and Business Math is great in showing how to keep books, paying taxes, insurances etc...

Our daughter also found that she really enjoyed Business Math and as a result has decided that she would like to do a certificate III or IV in Book Keeping, to have as an extra behind her for different employment opportunities.

Business Math is very practical - It not only teaches booking keeping, but taxes, insurances, banking, interest rates, budgeting and much of the math that is needed in everyday and business life.

Thank you for having Business Math available as a subject in ACE 🙂

Laura - Qld, 2018

A story to encourage A.C.E. homeschoolers

My daughter and I work at the local Fruit/ deli market. The owners of the store have often asked us questions about home-schooling as they have never known children who were home-schooled, until meeting our children.

… a couple days ago, the owner came to me and had a work related math problem written down on two pieces of paper. She showed it to me and told me she wanted to see for herself and compare a home-schooled student to a main stream school student.

This other student - a boy who is 2 years older than our daughter - had just finished grade 11, while our daughter is just finishing grade 9 A.C.E. math. The owner told me she herself would need a calculator to work it out, but wanted to see how the kids could manage the question without a calculator. The boy that went to school said that he wouldn’t be able to work out the problem without a calculator as in school they always use calculators. He also said he doesn’t get given everyday problems in word situations like this in math at school...

Our daughter took about 45 seconds to think about it, wrote a couple numbers down on the paper as she was thinking, found the answer, re-checked it in her head to make sure it was right and gave the answer in about 1 minute all up.

The owner was very impressed as well as the other boy, and wanted to find out exactly how our daughter worked it out without a calculator. Our daughter confidently explained the process to him. I explained to the boss that they don’t use calculators for math until they reach a certain stage – they have to understand first how to work it out.

The owner told me our children were definitely getting a good quality education.

Laura, Qld

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