A.C.E. Levels and School Grades

What's the difference?

A.C.E. works in "Levels", not "Grades."

Grades are what schools put you in, according to your age. The law says that when you turn 7 (or thereabouts), you are technically Grade 1; when you turn 15 or 16, you are technically Grade 10. Your grade has nothing to do with what you know or can do: just your age.

Because not everyone at a given age can do exactly the same work, schools end up with some students who do well, but many more students who do less well or even fail.

By the way, when you turn a certain age, you’re considered ‘ready’ to leave school and enter the world. You’re also ‘ready’ to drink, drive, own a gun and vote. Is this what we see in society today? This is the age-grading system to which we have become accustomed.

A.C.E. levels are the work you're actually doing. When you reach a certain level, you graduate, no matter what age. It’s when you’re ready, not when you’re old enough. It is only a very rough "rule of thumb" that a level will be equivalent to a grade.

A.C.E. starts at 1001, and there are 12 PACEs for each level. So, Level 1 finishes at 1012; Level 2 finishes at 1024, and so on. Using this calculation, Level 9 finishes at 1108 (9 x 12 = 108). However, to complete the Year 10 requirements, you need to finish up to PACE 1108 in all subjects (although the numbering system changes for some subjects in secondary levels). That means that you need to complete Level 9 to finish the Year 10 certificate.

Don't try too hard to look for an exact match between PACE Level and school grade. The actual learning is what's important.

PACE Levels and Certificates

After PACE 1084 in any subject, you should contact Accelerate Christian Home Schooling to determine your child’s pathway to a Year 10 and/or Year 12 Certificate.

PACEs for secondary pathway subjects from Grade 9 through to Grade 12 are numbered from 1085 to 1144, though some subjects have different numbering, such as 1 to 10, 1 to 12, or 97 to 108.

It is rarely the case where a student simply continues along the PACE numbers to the end (1144) to finish Grade 12 in any subject. This is where Accelerate Christian Home Schooling can help you and your child map out the most appropriate pathway.

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