In control: What would you have me do?

Who is in control? Although we understand that many people have experienced great blessings through 2020, taken on the whole I think I can say on behalf of a good many of us that the year past has been a bit of a disaster, like we are no longer in control. Lives lost,...

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COVID-19 as a Parable

COVID-19 as a ParableCOVID-19 (aka “Coronavirus”) is a serious threat worldwide, and can act as a parable to illustrate important aspects of socialization. For many of us, the Coronavirus pandemic has introduced the term "Social Distancing". Social Distancing is a...

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Learning Outside the Workbooks

The world is your classroom!Part of the homeschooling journey involves parents understanding that children, by their nature, are already learning outside the workbooks we give them. Homeschooling is not just “homework.” It is a way of life. Parents take on...

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