The Truth of Freedom

The Truth of Freedom The truth of freedom is that freedom is freedom. The lie of freedom is that freedom is what you are allowed to do. I saw a movie some time ago, about a man who had been sent to prison. He managed to escape, but he is not the character I’m thinking...

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The Frog Prince

The Frog Prince is one of the oldest "folk tales" in our culture. Some say it is one of the first of the Brother Grimm's collection, published in 1812. However, it possibly originated in Roman times or even earlier The original point of the story is hard to nail down....

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The Original Talking Donkey

The original talking donkey was less talkative, but a lot more perceptive than his fictional successors. Scripture passage: Numbers 22:21-33 Balaam and his talking donkey Balaam was a prophet of God, though not actually an Israelite. He lived around the time when...

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