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From the Certificates Team – Article from July 2024’s Newsletter

Were you aware of the Academic Projection towards Graduation Form that can be downloaded here (in the Downloads section of the Member’s Area) or purchased from SCEE (printed onto card)?  This is a great way for a student (and parents) to track how their progress towards the completion of their Certificate Pathway. Please be aware that this can also be used to help track younger students progress through the PACEs too.

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Ideas for Home Schooling

Learning Beyond the Classroom We are seeing an amazing growth in the number of home schooling families across the South Pacific region. This surge is being fueled by many reasons including the Covid-19 pandemic. A large number of families are taking their children's...

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The Truth of Freedom

The Truth of Freedom The truth of freedom is that freedom is freedom. The lie of freedom is that freedom is what you are allowed to do. I saw a movie some time ago, about a man who had been sent to prison. He managed to escape, but he is not the character I’m thinking...

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The Frog Prince

The Frog Prince is one of the oldest "folk tales" in our culture. Some say it is one of the first of the Brother Grimm's collection, published in 1812. However, it possibly originated in Roman times or even earlier The original point of the story is hard to nail down....

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The Original Talking Donkey

The original talking donkey was less talkative, but a lot more perceptive than his fictional successors. Scripture passage: Numbers 22:21-33 Balaam and his talking donkey Balaam was a prophet of God, though not actually an Israelite. He lived around the time when...

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COVID-19 as a Parable

COVID-19 as a ParableCOVID-19 (aka “Coronavirus”) is a serious threat worldwide, and can act as a parable to illustrate important aspects of socialization. For many of us, the Coronavirus pandemic has introduced the term "Social Distancing". Social Distancing is a...

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Learning Outside the Workbooks

The world is your classroom!Part of the homeschooling journey involves parents understanding that children, by their nature, are already learning outside the workbooks we give them. Homeschooling is not just “homework.” It is a way of life. Parents take on...

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Dwell Together in Unity

Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity! (Psalm 133:1)If you have not heard or read Psalm 133:1 at least once in the last year or two, then (a) you’re not following PACE procedures, or (b) you’ve just begun using...

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