Scoring Assistance

What this service is:

  1. This service is part of our on-going desire to see homeschooling parents empowered to deliver the best outcomes for their children.
  2. This service is a way we can train you to be competent and confident when scoring tests.

What this service is not:

  1. This service is not a way for you to avoid scoring your children's tests. This is why we insist that you first score the test, and we will provide comments.
  2. This service is not to be overused. If every family, or even "many" families, submitted "many" tests each week, we would be swamped and unable to continue providing service to those that really need it. We ask that you use this service when you want to be confident that you are doing it right. Make sure you look at our Hints and Tips (sections on testing and scoring) first.

What you do:

  1. Score the PACE Test yourself.
  2. Scan the whole test, or at least the relevant pages. The scans can be images or pdf format, and can be separate documents for each page.

What we do:

  1. We will score the PACE Test without making any allowances for the age of the child or the level of the PACE. We will apply the same rigour as would be applied for Year 11 and 12 Certificate level PACEs.
  2. We will send back a comprehensive report of where our scoring has differed from yours (if applicable) and tips where needed.

What happens next:

You ask questions and we reply, until you feel confident!

Do not send more than one test per form.

Please be patient. We will need to score the test, compare with your scoring, and make constructive comments for you. This may take a while.

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    Max. file size: 2 MB.

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