Registration in Queensland

The Queensland Government's Department of Education and Training (DET) has a division called the Home Education Unit - HEU.

In our experience, the HEU is supportive of homeschooling, and is very helpful.

The HEU requires a fairly high degree of documentation for homeschool registration, but give good feedback for any documentation and will help to make improvements. Their goal is not to shut homeschoolers down, but simply to ensure that homeschoolers are able to demonstrate that they have thought through their children's education and can show signs of academic progress.

Queensland - Department of Education, Training and Employment - Home Education Unit (DETE-HEU)

See graphic below. Notice that Accelerate Christian Home Schooling does not communicate on your behalf with the HEU, nor do they communicate with us.

1. If you are a member of Accelerate Christian Home Schooling, we will provide you with the following documentation:

  • An overview of the HEU registration process;
  • The HEU application form;
  • A detailed guide on how to fill in the application and prepare your programme;
  • A template to fill in for your programme;
  • A simplified, copy and paste version of the scope and sequence.

2. You send your application form together with your programme (Item 6 of the Application) to HEU.

3. HEU quickly acknowledges receipt of your application and grant you "Provisional Registration." Provisional Registration simply means that you have begun the process, and is sufficient to show to schools that you are officially homeschooling.

4. HEU will examine your application, including your programme, and will notify you that you have been granted full registration. They will also comment on your programme and (if applicable) make suggestions.

5. Registration lasts for one year. Towards the end of the year (at ten months), you are to provide a "Ten Month Report" that demonstrates progress in three subject areas, as well as your programme for the following year.

Accelerate Christian Home Schooling will assist members in preparing programmes and Ten Month Reports.

HEU Ten Month Report

Our booklet, Initial and Continuing Registration for Home Schooling in Queensland, will help you to prepare your Ten Month Report.

If you are preparing your Ten Month Report we can assist you with selecting and preparing work samples. Fill in and send this online form.

When you receive the HEU Reporting documents (Set 1 and Set 2), you should substitute these with our annotated and modified versions.

  • Log in to our website;
  • Go to the Member Area;
  • Click Downloads;
  • Scroll down to HEU Ten Month Report Documents

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