Applying for credit towards Year 10 and Year 12 Certificates

The Academic Council of Accelerate Educational Ministries (AEM) will consider non-A.C.E./AEM courses upon application.

Criteria for approval of courses are:

  • Length of course. The general rule is that 1 credit may be given per 60 indicative hours; that is, including formal lesson time plus time expected to complete course work. The nature and difficulty of the work has a bearing on the number of hours required per credit;
  • Level of the work. Evidence should be provided that the level of the work done matches the level of credit given.
  • Clear scope and sequence of the course. A list of topics may suffice; for example, from the contents page of a text book.
  • Assessment strategy. Evidence must be provided that the course work is assessed and that the student can achieve a passing grade or score.
  • Compatibility with a Christian Biblical worldview. The course does not need to be Christian, but must not directly contradict AEM’s Statement of Faith or a traditional Biblical worldview.

The maximum number of credits awarded for a course is 2 per year or 4 per certificate level. Exception may be made in which 6 credits may be given for an appropriate course length if it can be demonstrated that the course directly relates to the student’s career aspirations.

All applications are considered on a case-by-case basis by the Academic Council of AEM.

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