Mathletics is an Australian online tutoring and drill/practice website used in many homes and schools. 

Mathletics is different because students are empowered to take charge of their own learning, setting up an environment where they can really thrive. Adventures like Multiverse and Rainforest Maths allow students to choose their own learning paths, challenging themselves and discovering new knowledge.

Mathletics provides the perfect level of support and challenge to make sure each student achieves their best. In less than an hour per week, children aged 5–16 quickly become motivated, confident and successful  learners with improved test results. Goodbye maths anxiety!

Parents, tutors and home schoolers will also love the detailed insights Mathletics provides, which clearly show children’s strengths, as well as areas that need extra attention.

Accelerate Christian Home Schooling can provide discounted subscription for Mathletics. Contact us for more  informaion. 

Mathletics flyer

Mathletics brochure

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