HENZ Notes

Summary of important notes for families transitioning from HENZ

Note: The information and procedures outlined here apply equally to all New Zealand families.


  • Even if your child has been set a pathway, please make sure you have spoken to a member of the Accelerate Christian Home Schooling team.
  • HSC and HSAC pathways should be replaced by an appropriate Certificate of Achievement pathway.
  • You should log in to this website and study the Certificate Pathways page if you have not already done so. Once you have reviewed the information, contact us if you have any questions.

Sending Tests – PACEs up to 1096

  • You should NOT post hard copy PACE Tests to us if they are below 1097. This is to save you postage. Instead, submit the scores to us via our website (Members menu -> Test Results).
  • You should submit test results about once per month. Keep the tests filed for around a year and dispose of after that.
  • Make sure you put scores on your Supervisor Progress Card.
  • The online form for submitting test results will include instructions, tips, and the due date for scores to be included in the Semester Report.

Sending Tests – for Moderation

  • Tests above 1097 should be sent to the New Zealand moderator at least once per term. You must fill in a PACE Test Report and include it with the tests, or the tests will not be moderated.
  • Scanned or photocopied tests will not be accepted for moderation; neither will scores below 80%. We recommend you scan or copy tests for your own records, and be sure to keep your Supervisor Progress Chart up to date.
  • The PACE Test Report, plus instructions, will be found on our website (Members menu -> PACE Test Report)
  • Please send tests back to SCEE New Zealand, PO Box 156, Waihi, Waikato 3610.

Please email any questions and concerns to the team at Accelerate Christian Home Schooling.

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