Welcome to our Getting Started videos!

Follow these TEN STEPS to getting started. When you have finished, you will be equipped to start your homeschooling journey with Accelerate Christian Home Schooling.

Video 2 - The Diagnostic Tests

Important: This video covers the Paper version of the Diagnostic Tests.

If your child is doing the Online version of the Diagnostic Tests, CLICK HERE.

This video will get your child or children started on their Diagnostic Tests.

The English test asks, at one point, for answers to be given in cursive writing. Don't worry if your child has not learned cursive. So long as the answers are neatly written, we will be able to use them.

Watch the video, then issue the Diagnostic Tests. While the tests are being done, you can continue your training.

The next video to watch will be about your Parent Training booklets, at this link.

Video 2 - The Diagnostic Tests (Paper)

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