Note: Skwirk is not a stand-alone curriculum, but a useful supplement to the homeschool programme to give variety to the learning and help with Australian Curriculum alignment.

Skwirk is suited to hoomschool use. It is safe, without popups or links to inappropriate sites.

From their website:

Skwirk is a truly engaging interactive education resource that makes learning FUN!

"Helping improve children’s results and marks nationwide through an online portal that motivates kids to learn at school and at home."

Skwirk - Interactive Schooling (YouTube video)

"Covering Foundation to Year 10, our content includes:

  • 1000 interactive activities
  • 2000 educational ebooks and animations
  • 1000 videos
  • 500 worksheets
  • along with podcasts, interactive games, exams, images and quizzes.

"Skwirk is endorsed by numerous home schooling organisations and has hundreds of schools varying from 10 to over 1,000 students using our Australian content nationwide."

Go to Skwirk here and try it for free, or contact us and we will give you a discount code.

This will give you 25% off their subscription price.

Your subscription will include all the above benefits plus a weekly report card detailing your child’s progress, the opportunity for your child to gain prizes by redeeming points they earn for every activity they complete and a new thirst and motivation for learning.

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