Form: Awards Application

Use this form to apply for end of year awards.

The conditions for each award are shown below.

Fill in the form below and click Submit.

Academic Awards

Important: Use one form per child.
All academic awards must be applied for by parents. They are not automatically awarded by Accelerate Christian Home Schooling. If you think your child may be eligible for an award, but are not sure, just ask and we can check the records for you.

Academic Awards are for outstanding achievement. If your child has achieved any of the following before the end-of-year deadline, he or she is entitled to the following awards:

  • 100 PACE award – for any student completing at least 100 PACEs
  • 80 PACE award – for any student completing at least 80 PACEs
  • 60 PACE award – for any student completing at least 60 PACEs
  • Academic Achievement award –
    • Lower Primary (to PACE 1036): 98% average or above for all PACEs completed, provided they have completed a minimum of 60 PACEs.
    • Upper Primary and Secondary: 96% average or above for all PACEs completed, provided they have completed a minimum of 72 PACEs.
  • ABCs award – awarded to students who have completed the ABCs program (Word Building 1001-1012 and Maths 1001-1003).

Scripture Awards

Scripture Awards are for children who have memorized and recited at least eight (8) of the ten (10) Scripture passages from our monthly newsletters in a calendar year. Memorized Scriptures must be sent to us using the Scripture Memory form, stating the Scripture reference and the month in which the passage appeared in the newsletter.

How the child has memorized or recited the Scripture is up to the parent; whether verse by verse, section by section, or as a whole passage.

Parent-initiated Awards

Parents may nominate their children for special Parent Awards for such achievements as (use your own wording – these are just examples):

  • Significantly improved scores, attitude…
  • Consistent effort
  • Helpfulness in the home (example: caring for brothers and sisters)
  • Scripture memorization or reading
  • Godly character (specific examples)
  • Significant improvement in behaviour, attitude, work output etc
  • Responsibility in setting goals, effective time management…
  • Any variation of the above parent awards can be used, and any number of achievements can be included, but only one certificate will be presented per child with all of the chosen achievements listed on it (Ask us for suggestions if you like).

These awards are to encourage children and others that Godly character traits are appreciated and recognized by parents. Even non-academic children can demonstrate success and growth in their homeschooling.

Please don’t cheapen the award by praising half-hearted work or listing too many achievements. Make the award special, and something that truly shows your child’s special effort this year.

Delivery and Payment Options

Awards may be either sent by email for you to print out for your children, or presented at out live Celebration event(s).

Digital versions are in PDF format, in full colour. You only need to print onto plain white paper or textured paper/board.

The cost is $2.00 per award.

To pay for the awards, go to the Member Payment form.

We cannot prepare awards until payment has been received.

Important: For bank transfers, it is important that you include a reference (to appear on bank statement) such as:

Awards (then your customer code if available, or Surname if not)

Award Application

  • When you have finished and submitted your awards applications, please make your payment using the Member Payment form under the Members menu.

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