1. Available for Members Only

Accelerate Christian Home Schooling (“ACCELERATE”) is licensed to lend Barton materials to ACCELERATE members as an add-on to the homeschool service provided by ACCELERATE.

This homeschool service includes receiving our assistance for nominated children in preparing a homeschool programme based on the A.C.E. resources from Southern Cross Educational Enterprises (SCEE). It is required that member families are purchasing A.C.E. resources for at least two subjects, the actual number of subjects dependent on our formal appraisal of the children’s diagnostic tests.

In order to comply with our license agreement with Susan Barton, under no circumstances are we able to lend Barton materials to families who are not ACCELERATE member families.

Any children using the Barton programme must be specifically enrolled with ACCELERATE and using ACCELERATE services, particularly the service of being engaged in a homeschool programme based on A.C.E. resources and using A.C.E. resources purchased from SCEE.

2. Property of ACCELERATE

Folders, DVDs, tiles, cards, and other printed materials in plastic sleeves are the property of ACCELERATE, and must be returned to ACCELERATE.

The exception to this is the consumable items (student pages) and, where applicable, the spelling devices which are purchased with level 4. The consumable items are clearly labelled.

3. Condition of Returns

Any damage must be paid for. Reasonable wear and tear is allowed for.

4. Borrowing Times

Every child works at their own speed; however, we expect the work should be covered in the times indicated below if progress is steady and consistent. If there are circumstances that prevent this rate of progress, you must contact us to make arrangements.

For Levels 1 and 2, we expect that 5 weeks in total is sufficient for these two levels;

For Levels 3 and above, we expect that 10 weeks is sufficient for each level.

5. Initial Holding Deposit

Before receiving the first Barton kit, a $100 holding deposit is required as well as postage charges.

This deposit is fully refundable if the above conditions are met; that is, that kits are returned by the indicated time OR arrangements have been made with ACCELERATE, and that returned kits are in reasonable condition relative to the condition in which they were lent.

The deposit will be refunded after the last kit has been returned. This may be Level 10, or whichever kit has been used should the family withdraw or discontinue with the Barton program.

Deposits will only be refunded if the family is up to date with fees.

If a kit is returned beyond the indicated time, we may deduct $20 from the deposit, per overdue week (or part thereof) UNLESS prior arrangements have been made.

Before sending the next kit, this amount must be made up so that the full deposit amount of $100 is held by SCEE.

The borrowing time commences three days after dispatch (to allow time to reach you), until the post mark on the returned kit or the date that the kit is dropped off at the SCEE office.

6. Withdrawing families

The Barton materials provided by ACCELERATE remain the property of Accelerate Christian Home Schooling.

Families in possession of Barton materials are considered members of ACCELERATE, even if they have notified ACCELERATE or SCEE that they have withdrawn.

Families can only be withdrawn once any outstanding Barton materials have been returned and outstanding fees have been paid.

Barton Terms and Conditions

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