Attendance Records

Recording Attendance

Homeschoolers with Accelerate Christian Home Schooling do not need to fill in or submit their children’s attendance. As we are not a Distance Education school, it is not a legal requirement that you send us a record of your child’s activity or inactivity.

A homeschooling child is engaged in educational activities no matter where they are or what they do. Going with their parent to the shops, visiting relatives, going on “excursions” such as to the beach, or just “socializing” with brothers and sisters are all educational activities that should, in fact, form a part of your homeschool programming, so don’t assume that a day out is being “absent” from the home school.

The only true “absent” days are when the child is too sick to engage in any educational activities.

We recommend you keep a diary or journal to show when sick days, excursions or extra-curricular activities occur. If you are registered with your state government, it may be possible that you will be called upon to account for your child’s activities, including “attendance”.

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