Test Results


Submit your test results here. This should be done at least once per month.

Deadline for this Semester: Midnight, Sunday 7th July, 2019. Results submitted after this date may not appear on this Semester’s reports.

Do not send non-passing scores, as these will not be recorded. If your child has not passed a test, the PACE should be done again or reviewed (review Parent Training).

Make sure results are up to date on your Supervisor Progress Card. You can highlight submitted scores so you know which ones you have sent.

Is your child nearing 1084 in any subject? Perhaps it’s time to think of their Year 10 Pathway. Contact us if you need assistance.

Are your fees up to date? Reports cannot be sent if fees are outstanding. If you’re not sure, contact us.

Sending TestsDo not post actual paper tests except for Year 11 or 12 subjects, the originals of which must be posted at least once per term with a PACE Test Report. (We suggest you take copies for your own records)

Redoing Tests: Once we have received a passing score for a PACE Test, we will not record a subsequent score even if the whole PACE is done again. The exception is if an error has been made in recording the first score.

If sending final results for a certificate, you must submit a Certificate Application form: Do not assume we will automatically process the certificate. Log in to our website and choose Online Forms from the Members Area. For results that are not part of the Year 11/12 graduation pathway, DO NOT send test unless by prior arrangement with Accelerate Christian Home Schooling.


Enter data into the field (box), then press the Tab key to go to the next field.

Take care to enter your code and results carefully.

For Subject, be specific where you can.
For example: World History, not Social Studies
Algebra 1, not Math

If Subject is the same as the previous entry, just press Tab and leave it blank.

Use a separate form for each student. If there are more than twelve results for a student, submit a separate form.

Click the Submit button at the bottom of the form.

We recommend you archive your tests for one year, then dispose of them provided you have a record of the scores.

If entering results for SAT Maths Prep or Senior Maths Prep, please note the subject name as SAT MP or Senior MP, not Geometry or Algebra II, to avoid confusion. Then just put the PACE number.