Note: Header on the form is PACE Test Report


This form is only for families sending original PACE tests from student Year 12 registered pathway subjects. Do not use this form or send PACE tests for PACEs not in a registered Year 12 pathway.


  • Download the file and save it to your hard drive.
  • Open the file from your hard drive and print a copy to fill in.
  • For School/Provider Name, write Accelerate.
  • For Student Name, you only need to write the first name and surname.
  • For Student ID, write the number that was sent to you by email confirming the Pathway Registration. The Student ID begins with the letters GAU.
  • For the Date, put the current date.
  • For each subject area, write the Course name once, and then each PACE number and the score.
  • If there are no tests for any subject area, just leave the space blank.
  • Include the form with the tests being sent.
  • Sort the tests into subjects, and in order of PACE number.
  • Please send the results for these tests in the usual manner, using the online form, each month.
  • Post original tests, with the PACE Test Report, to Accelerate CHS, PO Box 3102 Caboolture, Qld 4510
  • It is your responsibility to photocopy, scan or photograph the tests for your records. SCEE will not send tests back to families, but will file them in a secure location once they have been moderated.