Fees and Costs*

*All values include GST for Australia. All enquirers should first contact us for a quote. Overseas costs may differ.

Initial Costs

Joining Fee: $70

This fee applies to new members.

One Term (quarter) advance payment: $175

This is one quarter of the Yearly Membership fee, and is charged in advance for the first quarter that you join.

Diagnostic testing $60 per child

This includes a full academic prescription and parent phone interview after our analysis.

Parent Training $50

The parent training consists of a procedures manual, associated workbooks and access to video training resources.

Postage and handling $20 (within Australia)

Ongoing Costs

Membership fees $700 per year

Payment may be made per quarter; the first quarter is included in the Initial Fee. Payment options are offered after enrolment.

Note: these costs are per family; extra children are free!

Cost of Resources

This will vary but for most families the cost will be around $600 per child per year.

Cancelling Membership

Should you wish to withdraw your family, fees will be only be refunded for each whole term for which you have paid in advance, (except for the term you join). Only untouched materials may be returned for refund according to SCEE’s refund policy.