Many home educators have heard this comment by concerned friends and relations. The implication of course, is that you are almost reckless to attempt, what only a vast array of trained professionals can do with the resources of a school with science laboratories, sports facilities and woodwork classes.

At first, a home educator may be taken aback and ask, “Wow, have I taken on too much? Can I do this? Am I crazy? Will my children be disadvantaged?”

These thoughts can be quite challenging and so we recommend potential home educators to consider:

  •  Did you teach your children to talk?
  • Were your children happy and healthy before they started school?
  • Do you love your children passionately?
  • Are you willing to make personal sacrifices for your children’s well being?

If you can answer yes to all these questions, you are well qualified to home educate.

You will provide the one-on-one instruction that they will never get at school.

Your child will be surrounded by love and will grow strong in that unconditional love, preparing them for an uncertain and often hostile world.

You will teach your child what you know and find resources and other qualified people to teach your child in areas you are not confident.

You will join other home educators in social events and give your child rich and diverse opportunities to mix with children of different ages and backgrounds.

Yes, home education is daunting, and yes you are brave, to go against the flow and risk criticism from people who are dear to you.   But you have considered what is best for your child and you are going to give this your very best effort.

Personally, it took my parents about ten years to come around.   At first they thought we were mad, then they thought we would burn out, and after about five years they could see that things were going ok, but kept asking about high school.   Finally, when our oldest child was about 16, they agreed that home education had worked extremely well.

Nowadays, it is a lot easier to home school.  Home education is officially legal and there are now over 19,000 registered home educated students in Australia.

Today there are many more social activities than there used to be, and now for the first time, teacher support is available through Accelerate Christian Homeschooling at a very affordable price.

So do you need to be brave to home educate?   Yes, you do; but with your dedication and with the growing number of resources, the Internet, support from Accelerate Christian Homeschooling  you will do just fine.

Consider homeschooling today!