All home educators have heard the question, “How will they learn social skills if if they don’t go to school?”

This assumes that children will learn social skills at school.  While I do not disagree with that assumption, the question arises, ‘What kind of social skills do they learn at school?’

One of our  Year 10 graduates recently did a pre-apprenticeship at a local TAFE.  There were about 15 young adults mostly in the 17-22-age range.

The homeschool graduate told me he felt a bit out of it socially.   When I asked him why this was so, he told me that at lunchtime, all of the other guys were telling sexually explicit stories or jokes.

The other students at the course had all been socialised at school and yet they behaved in a way that would have appalled their mothers and virtually all women.  Being socialised at school had not taught them that this was unacceptable behaviour.

My personal school experience showed me that it was not the kind, sensitive child that was popular at school.  Often, it was either the best looking girl or boy, the sportsman or the one who had the sharpest tongue.    What does this teach our young people?

When you see people leaving rubbish around like the “schoolies” do, it is clear that the message of responsible behaviour from their time at school somehow did not get through.

Putting children with other children the same age for long periods will slow their maturity and ability to know how to behave in a socially acceptable way.

We argue that children will learn better social skills when they spend more time with people who are older and more mature than they are.   The homeschooling community is growing faster than ever and the number of social events is large and diverse.

Teaching your children at home will result in better social skills than sending your children to school.   Consider homeschooling today!

Stuart Chapman is the Coordinator of Homeschool Services for Southern Cross Educational Enterprises encompassing Accelerate Christian Home Schooling and other entities in the South Pacific.   He is also an international speaker being the Australian Board member of  Global Home Education Conferences.