I had the privilege of hearing this presentation by Dr Brian Ray at the Global Home Education Conference in Berlin in 2012.

As the number of home educated students exceeds two million in the USA, the research mostly comes from North America.

While anecdotal stories are powerful, good research carries far more weight when presenting a case to governments or critics.

This video is well worth watching and dispels many of the concerns that some have towards home education.

The topics covered by Dr Ray include:

Reasons people home educate
Academic results

In summary the research states, “On average home educated children do better than institutionalised school students in academics, social skills and community involvement.”

Furthermore there is no research, which shows any negatives as a result of home education.

It is our aim at Accelerate Christian Home Schooling to contribute to the collection of data, which will possibly provide the basis of significant research into home education in Australia.

Stuart Chapman (right), Attended the Global Home Education Conference in Berlin in 2012.