Homeschooling numbers grew strongly in every state of Australia in 2017 with a national growth rate of 12%.

Research shows homeschooling continues to boom in Australia in 2017


The state with the fastest growth rate for 2017 was Victoria with 19%.  Queensland has had the greatest percentage increase over the past 6 years and WA has the highest per capita rate on the mainland.

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Homeschool Growth in Australia 2011-2017

Stuart Chapman has been tracking the growth in homeschooling numbers Australia wide for the past eight years.

He has been an engineer, pastor, soldier, company CEO, school principal, founder and director of a number of homeschooling organisations and father of five adult children who were homeschooled for 18 years. He is also an international speaker on the subject of homeschooling and is available to speak to media or at homeschooling conferences.