"Mum, did you know..."

We would like to thank you though for offering such a wonderful home school option. Jemma worked at her own pace doing her year 10 work and very frequently I heard her call out “Mum, did you know …”
We also worked together on science and history. Sometimes she read to me, sometimes I read to her. We frequently stopped and talked about the content and we LOVED learning the christian history of our country. I think history took the longest to complete because we stopped so often to talk about it!!!!
… Thank you for removing the obstacles that school provided that made learning such a nightmare in the past.
We LOVE Accelerate!

. – Laurel, NSW

"He is blooming"

I just wanted to say thank you. We are still working on getting better with homeschooling, both Mum and Son, but our boy now has no more meltdowns, depression, tantrums, aggressive outbursts or anti social behaviour. He is blooming. – Freya, Qld

"I am so happy"

I am so happy seeing how my five year old is thriving with the ABCs with Ace and Christi program. He is reading words confidently, forming the letters and words well, knows the numbers up to 50, and today he picked up the concept of adding one more. It is so exciting watching him learn and achieve! I really do love A.C.E! – Clare

"Awesome Meeting"

Wow! That was an awesome meeting….we crossed t’s dotted i’s and the moderator was very happy with our overall learning plans and ideas. She also had some good suggestions, thank you Lord…and thank you and bless you who prayed. We don’t have to see her for 12months…exhaling now! – Julie, WA

Thank you for helping us to get started...

I just wanted to say thank you for helping us to get started with homeschooling…
It has been great to have real people to talk to…

The online parent training has been fantastic and I have revisited various videos just to refresh my memory on details. The video lessons for Maths have already been helpful as well. Through the video information on your website I’ve already been able to successfully place my own orders.

We have seen a real change in our daughter since we removed her from her school situation and started homeschooling through you… She has been starting her work early in the morning at her own initiative and choosing to work straight through without breaks in order to complete her goals for the day so she can then have opportunity to pursue her own interests for the rest of the day.
I just feel such gratitude to be able to have this opportunity, so I thank you for providing it for us…

Having an external body for accountability is helpful for staying on track and staying motivated and diligent. Annette, Victoria


Thank you so much. You’re marvelous! Sarah, Victoria

Very easy to reach

Accelerate Christian Home Schooling was very helpful during our VRQA registration process. They provided us with helpful details that we can use in order for our registration to be successful. They are very easy to reach. They reply promptly in all our calls and emails with all the information we need. – Edmira, Vic


A wonderful help

You have both been such a wonderful help to me through all these years and I am so thankful for all the help you have given to the children and myself. – Sue, NSW



Thank you for everything you have done in supporting and helping us in our homeschooling journey. You are priceless in this ministry. – Jeanette, NSW

What a blessing!

What a blessing I’ve received this year through having the opportunity to study Year 10 … doing the A.C.E. program. – Matthew (student), NSW


Really flourished!

Since I started the home schooling my son has really flourished… I feel so proud and God’s grace is so amazing … I am so glad I started the homeschooling for both my kids. My son was also battling with reading writing and he never even knew his phone number. Since starting homeschool he knew his phone number within two weeks! – Homeschool Mum.