Secondary Electives (Christian and Bible focus)

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In this two part course of study there are 10 biographies of Christians from different and interesting backgrounds whose lives had an impact on the world. The student investigates the causes and motivation that helped shape these Christian’s work. Students reflect upon the life principles and challenges these people faced.




The course is an Introduction to Christian Counselling. The course focuses on solving problems nouthetically. It gives techniques, principles, language and communication for counselling.





The course investigates the life of Christ; the background of the gospels and the world as it was in Christ’s day. Students complete a chronological study of the Gospels’ accounts of Christ’s birth, life, death, resurrection, and ascension. The course focuses on the time, place, circumstances, and people involved in the events of Christ’s ministry. From the Incarnation to the Berean ministry, students will grasp a fuller understanding of Christ’s words and works




The course focuses on missionary biographies and autobiographies. The student analyses the lives of missionaries from a broad geographic range and various eras. The student investigates the causes and motivation that helped shape the course of worldwide mission work. Students are encouraged to reflect upon the life principles and challenges faced by missionaries.




The course investigates church history from the beginnings of the church age through to the acceptance of Christianity: Constantine, the ecumenical councils and church fathers.





This course is designed to introduce the high school student to the penman, the place, the period, the problem, the peculiarities, the purpose and the plan of each book of the New Testament. The Inter-Testamental Interval and Matthew through to Revelation are studied. The course chronologically investigates the Old Testament










The course is a study of wisdom. It discusses the principles of relationships, business and the philosophy for living. It is an in-depth study of Proverbs 1-9. This literary work is a group of essays on the subject of wisdom. The course focuses on personal application of the principles. Various sources are investigated including primary and secondary sources, interviews and first-person recounts.