Homeschooling Growing in Australia

Article on 8% Growth of Homeschooling in Australia

By Stuart Chapman and published by HSLDA

Boom in Homeschooling in WA

Western Australia’s registered home educated population grew an impressive 17% from 1,889 students in 2012 to 2,211 students in 2013.

This compares with an annual average increase of 5.2% over the last fourteen years. 1,079 students were registered in 1999.

The earliest figures that can be found were obtained from the WA Department of Education’s 1993 annual report, where there was a rough estimate of 300 students registered for home education in that year.

During the 1990’s the majority of families did not register. A number of government registration officials had reputations of being heavy-handed and insensitive towards home schooling families. Furthermore, during this period there was community suspicion and even hostility towards those who chose not to send their children to school. Gradually this perception changed and more families enrolled, as home schooling acceptance improved. Click here to read more.

By Stuart Chapman and published by HSLDA Oct 2013

Biblical Rationale for Home Education

Article giving a brief rationale for Home Education

By Stuart Chapman and published on various home education forums

Homeschooling Growth Spurred by Bullying

Article in West Australian which quotes our principal and one of our families.

Audio of Director Speaking at International Conference

Listen to our director, Mr Stuart Chapman speak on two panels:

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Home education around the world: Australia

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A comprehensive survey of the research on homeschooling 2013

Published in Other Education: A Journal of Educational Alternatives

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